Lord-Captain: Jericho C. Brand

Master of Whispers: Minerva Cappilicaerulis

Twistcatcher: Selena Parrington

First Officer: Roger Antier

Choir Master Telepathica: Theodore Trexler

Master of the Vox: Farah Menas

Enginseer Prime: Ismael Roth

*Navigator Primaris: Umbra Tremarec VII. Deventer

Purser: Robert Clastin

High Factotum: Gerrek Thranstadt

Ship's Confessor: Oswald Rhinesteen

Carto Artifex: Nathin

Master at Arms: Sanguinia Merley

Drivemaster: Malia Palad

Ship's Steward: Rey Laroe

Master Helmsman: Godwyn Bullard

Omnissianic Congregrator: Nesos Oolad

Master of the Watch: Lieutenant Charles Lacour

Master of Ordnance: Bartias Plywick

Ship´s Master: Greydon Pernhold

Master Gunner: Astaran Forley

Master of Etherics: Wulfric Menas

Chief Bosun: Captain Davie Markwardt

Chief Chirurgeon: Elisabet Forley

Infernus Master: Lyn Newball


0,6 (Null-Komma-Sechs), Ogryn Bone'Ead

Bruno (II.), Johanns Hund

Gunnar Dram, Umbras Leibwächter


Torian Harmon

Tristan van Bure


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